North Korean defections

North Korean defections
: The Australian reports that up to 20 high-ranking Korean officials and scientists — including the “father” of the North Korean nuclear program — have defected to the U.S. with the help of 11 countries, some nongovernmental organizations, and private citizens of South Korea.

Among those now believed to be in a safe house in the West is the father of North Korea’s nuclear program, Kyong Won-ha, who left his homeland late last year with the help of Spanish officials. Debriefings of Mr Kyong are said to have given intelligence officials an unprecedented insight into North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, particularly at the feared reactor number one in the southern city of Yongbyon.

The operation — dubbed Weasel — has been largely facilitated through non-government organisations and private citizens from South Korea, the US and its allies. It has deliberately been kept at arm’s length from any government.

Iraq defeated. Syria cooperating. North Korea compromised and weakening.

We’re getting there.