Teacher, teacher

Teacher, teacher
: Relapsed Catholic sends us to a story at the Catholic Educators’ Resource Center about a parent who objects to his school’s education on the war:

Last week our ten-year-old son was encouraged by his teachers to write a letter to Tony Blair protesting the war in Iraq. I was grateful that the school was instilling an interest in current events and Christian morality, but I wasn’t impressed with their attempt to help the children understand both sides of the question.

The underlying assumption seemed to be that the war could only be wrong.

To help him see the other side I asked Benedict what he thought we should do if we had a neighbour who we knew tortured his dog, abused his children and beat his wife. Benedict wasn’t sure. ‘What if we knew he did all those things, and suspected that he might actually have killed somebody and buried them in his garden.’ I asked. ‘What if this man was seen out at night stalking young children. Do you think we should call the police and ask them to investigate?’ ‘Yes,’ he answered. ‘And if he was guilty should the police take him away and lock him up?’ ‘Yes,’ he answered. ‘What if they had to break into his home. What if somebody might get hurt in the process. Should they take the risk?’ The answer was ‘Yes.’

Wise kid. Narrow-minded teacher.