A crock

A crock
: Dan to a Gillmor links to a complete crock from Indymedia trying to argue that the the topping of the Saddam statue was staged for the media.

Well, yeah. Like that’s news? Ever since the ’60s, demonstrations have occurred where the TV cameras are; that is part of the point; that is the power the crowd holds.

If the people hadn’t wanted that statue to fall, they wouldn’t have joined the crowd. If they didn’t want the world to see them celebrating, they wouldn’t do it in front of the cameras.

Inymedia’s alleged evidence? One guy in the crowd looks an awful lot like a confederate of Ahmed Chalabi’s Pentagon-backed Free Iraqi Forces.


That and they link to a Fisk story. Well, now, that’s convincing.

Consider the source. Consider it a crock.

: Oh, and that Fisk piece (whose copyright Indymedia violates by just copying it) that complains about the looting and us not stopping it — and then complains that our forces are searching people.

And already America’s army of “liberation” is beginning to seem an army of occupation. I watched hundreds of Iraqi civilians queuing to cross a motorway bridge at Daura yesterday morning, each man ordered by US soldiers to raise his shirt and lower his trousers