TV that will change the world: The greatest show on Earth!

TV that will change the world: The greatest show on Earth!

: What a wonderful show we are watching this morning: Iraqis putting a noose around the neck of a steel Saddam in the heart of Baghdad and piling on a U.S. M88 to work with our soldiers to pull down the statue of their deposed dictator. The American soldier puts up an American flag, then the Iraqi flag. The people cheer. The people are happy. The people are free.

This is spectacular TV: the war movie with the happy ending, live, from the front.

But this is more than entertainment.

This is TV that will change the world.

I’m watching these scenes on FoxNews, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

But I’m also watching this on Al-Jazeera.

The Arab world is watching. They’re watching what it is like to be freed from a dictator. They are watching Americans as liberators. They hear the cheers.

They are jealous. Bet on it: They are jealous.

They will want their freedom, too.

Just as they watched the Berlin Wall fall in Moscow and that killed communism, so is there a chance — a far better chance today — that we are seeing the birth of a new Arab world.

The Arab world is seeing that it is possible to be freed. They are seeing that America helped do that.

They are also watching this is France and Germany and Russia and Canada. They should be embarrassed there. They are seeing a people freed but they did not help. They did not back the winners. They did not stand on the right side.

The statue just fell. Saddam just fell.

The people are cheering.

The world is watching. The world is changing.

: I am watching a German simultaneous translation of what’s shown on al-Jazeera.

I hear an expert say that “they are making history” and that this is a “new Iraq” and that the people are “happy.”

I see an American soldier being interviewed by an al-Jazeera reporter. “Welcome to Iraq,” he says, in English, translated into Arabic, translated into German, translated back into English, published to the world here.

Welcome to the new Iraq.