The godless BBC

The godless BBC
: A few weeks ago, I got pissed at a BCC story condescending to Americans’ view of religion.

Well, they’re at it again, this time condescending to George Bush’s view of religion.

Mind you, I’m far away from Bush on any Religionometer; I disagree with and even fear his efforts to bring “faith-based” inititiatives into that government that I believe must stay completely clear of religion; I fear, too, the religious foundation to his agenda. That said, I have to say that Bush has not been thumping his Bible with alarming frequency.

But the BBC paints him like the Zealot in Chief:

:Before September 11, President George W Bush kept his evangelical Christian beliefs largely to himself….

But all that changed on the day of the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

Those close to Mr Bush say that day he discovered his life’s mission.

He became convinced that God was calling him to engage the forces of evil in battle, and this one time baseball-team owner from Texas did not shrink from the task.

And what else would you have him do, you over-accented creep? Listen: We all faced the forces of evil in battle that day and we all had to chose to fight and to win.

And, by the way, that has jack-nothing to do with the fact that Bush was a baseball-club owner (and a bad one). Brits are usually more subtle about their snobbishness, aren’t they?

In this battle, he placed his country firmly on the side of the angels.

And what side would you suggest we’re on? What side would you suggest bin Laden and Hussein are on? Angels piss on them.

This concept of placing America in God’s camp sticks in the throat of a lot of American clergy.

“It is by no means certain that we are as pure as the driven snow or that our international policy is so pure,” says Fritz Ritsch, Presbyterian minister in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Reverend Ritsch says it also makes their job as clerics harder by giving Christians in America an easy way out.

They do not need to examine their souls because their president has told them they are on the side of good.

Horseshit, Rev. I had to examine my soul aplenty about my response to the evil of bin Laden and Hussein and I did much of that in my church. I decided that we bear a moral responsibility to fight this evil. And you?

In fact, nearly all the mainland churches in America oppose this war, including Mr Bush’s own church, the United Methodists.

That’s mainstream, you dolt.

Does the president believe he is playing a part in the final events of Armageddon?

If true, it is an alarming thought.

But he would not be alone, as 59% of all Americans believe that what is written in the Bible’s Book of Revelations will come to pass.

Now you’re insulting all America once again. This is not at all the position by the majority of Americans in our “mainland” churches and synagogues.

By the way, this is precisely why we left England in the first place, because of narrow-minded creeps like you who hate freedom of religion. This is why we started America. The country that has a problem with religion is yours, mate.

The millions of Americans who believe in the biblical prophecies see this war in a very particular way and among them, George Bush’s stark talk of good versus evil plays very well.

If America prevails, millions will say it was divinely ordained.

But many others will suspect that it had more to do with the power of American weaponry than the active intervention of the Almighty.

Well, you finally said something right: If we win this war, it will be because we fought this war. God’s not fighting it. The Marines are — ours and yours.

: And by the way, Mr. BBC, how would you like to look at the religious views of this man?

The spiritual leader of the world’s largest branch of Islam has given his blessing to suicide attacks against coalition forces in Iraq.