Maybe the Civil War should have turned out differently…

Maybe the Civil War should have turned out differently…
: Who could believe that today, putting up a statue of Abraham Lincoln would cause controversy? It’s what’s happening on Ol’ Virginny.

  • nick

    It`s amazing how long and how deep these sentiments still run here in the US. Gives one food for thought about post-war Iraq, doesn`t it?

  • Mike G

    On the other hand, terrorist activity by Confederate groups has been down since about May 1865, whatever other problems the South has had with the outcome.

  • Martin Luther King

    I agree, Mike.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Putting a statue of Lincoln in Richmond is as appropriate as Illinois putting one up of Robert E. Lee. Can we expect this soon? Case closed.
    Lincoln forced war on the South. The war could have been avoided, no other nation required war to end slavery but Lincoln used it as a pre-text for his unjust policy of extreme tarriffs. Furhter he violated the rights of the States that had ratified the constitution with the stipulation that they be allowed to leave the Union. Only revisionists doubt the right of the South to leave the Union. So the South should honor a man responsible for the deaths of 600,000 Americans? Utilizing this logic let us errect one to Hitler.

  • GS

    What a goofy analogy. Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of a nation that includes Richmond, VA. The state of Illinois has no relationship, past or present, with Robert E. Lee whatsoever.
    “Lincoln forced war upon the South”? Funny, I always thought that it was the Confederates that fired on the Federals at Fort Sumter, not the other way around. And saying that the slaves would’ve eventually been freed without bloodshed is disingenuous at worst, horribly insensitive at best. Should black people have hoped that some generations down the road their Southern masters would’ve evolved and seen the light, freeing them?
    The right to secede was *not* stipulated in the Constitution. And Jefferson Davis and his cronies bear just as much responsibility for the deaths of those 600,000 people as does Lincoln.
    Comparing Lincoln to Hitler is thoroughly reprehensible and repulsive. Only the most twisted and sick adherent of the Lost Cause could compare the man who freed the slaves and saved this country with the man who plunged the globe into world war and racial genocide in the mid-twentieth century. Take the white bedsheet off of your head and put it back on the bed where it belongs.

  • Warren

    Yes, the war could have been avoided. The South was very good at politics before the Civil War, too good at it. It used its political power to encroach on states’ rights in the North. The Fugitive Slave Law ordered Northerners to aid in the capture of runaway slaves. The Dred Scott decision abrogated the rights of Northern states to forbid slavery — if you purchased the slave in the South, he was your property in the North. The old 36-30 line in the Territories was moved North, resulting in Bleeding Kansas. Many Northerners also felt hoodwinked by the South into supporting an imperialist war against Mexico.
    So, the North finally responded to the South’s provocations, its abrogations of Northern states’ rights and its penchant for dragging the reputation of the United States through the mud by electing Lincoln. The South responded by shelling Fort Sumter, not negotiations.