Saddam’s killing field

Saddam’s killing field
: More details are coming to us from the horrid morgue filled with Saddam’s victims that was discovered by British troops. The Observer reports:

Something terrible happened here. Something murderous. Something evil.

The proof lies in a cargo container nearby. Its metal door hangs open and inside are pages and pages of files. Each sheaf of notes contains a picture of a man or woman. Each and every one has been shot in the head. Their wounds are mangled and gaping. Many of them barely looked human any more as the anonymous photographer chronicled their dead faces. It is a horror almost beyond words….

There are signs of torture too. Outside the warehouse stands a wall. It is dotted in the centre with a spray of bullet holes. Nearly all of them are at head height. There is a ditch behind it. If anyone was shot against the wall, their blood would have drained cleanly away. In another warehouse a dozen tiny concrete cells have been built of breeze blocks inside the hangar. In some of them portraits of Saddam Hussein stare from the grey walls. In several an iron pole has been hung from the roof. Dangling from it are rusting metal hooks. They are ideal torture chambers.

Saddam is Pol Pot. He is Slobodan Milosevic. He is Idi Amin. He is Adolf Hitler.

How can anyone doubt that he had to be defeated?

If we are to be ashamed of anything, it is that we did not get rid of him years sooner.

: Al-Jazeera quotes an unnamed Iraqi official saying that the bodies are Iraqi soldiers killed in Iran and recently sent home. Nice try. But then why are there all those head-high bullet holes on the wall outside?