Cutting off the French

Cutting off the French
: Once the war is won, it will be time to turn our attention to cutting off French.

It will be easy.

The first thing to do is to make up with the Germans. They are clearly dying to make up. Schroeder now agrees that Saddam should go. Fischer is nuzzling up to us. They already regret picking the French (the French!) over us. Once the war is out of the way, it won’t be an issue anymore. We can make up.

We continue to stay close to Blair (and that appears to be the reason why Bush is bothering with the Northern Ireland issue in their next meeting; fine).

We continue to cozy up to Eastern Europe (remember how we helped with that Yugo mess).

We act quite grateful to our friends in Spain and Portugal.

We don’t worry about Russia and China; they’ll always be pissy.

We then ignore the French. We make it clear that the French proved to be hostile and irresponsible at the U.N. We cut them off.

It’s the right thing to do. And it will feel so good.

  • cj

    And it has the added pleasure of being so FRENCH: cutting one off. Social ostracization. Beneath one’s contempt or notice.
    Yes…Yes, I think I like the idea.

  • Donnah

    Add Canada.

  • sorry, you are wrong. the germans don’t regret it. all they want is the war to end quickly.

  • We’ll see. The State Department certainly doesn’t wantr to cut the French off – witness Colin Powell recently saying to the French they should have a role in reconstruction. George Bush Sr. is also pushing the “let bygones be bygones” line, his mind still trapped in the Cold War when that may have been an appropriate response. And there’s a behind the scenes push in Congress to set up Iraqi reconstruction so that ALL money must flow through State. If that succeeds, expect both the French and the UN to benefit from reconstruction regardless of their past actions.
    It’s the worst possible signal to send, a big step forward in losing the peace. And entirely consistent with the State Department’s efforts to date in the War on Terror, where only the INS has a more dismal record.
    The only thing that might change this course is public pressure, or very specific leadership and tightly enforced directives from the President.

  • tharrus

    Only the French; the Russians and Germans are heavyweights in their own right and we’d be hubristic idiots to let this one thing divide us for long; Canada…well, do you really want an armed, pushy Canada? I didn’t see Mexico sending troops either (and the frostbacks did send a destroyer)(and remember who got 6 people out of Iran when our embassy was taken–lay off the Canadians (no i’m not Canadian)).

  • Erm, if you think the germans are dying to make up with us, I hate to bust your bubble.
    I live in Germany, and lemme tell you, they HATE us. There’s so much anti-American sentiment going on over here it’s disgusting.
    Here is the forum of an Augsburg (Bavaria, where I live) newspaper. Quite a bit of it’s in English, so if you don’t read German, you can still see a bit of what’s going on. Augsburg, BTW, is generally considered to be American-friendly, due to the large base that used to be nearby and had friendly ties to the natives. is the URL, in case that link gets munged.

  • Sagar

    The French! Only the French, to begin with.
    Canadians are mostly fine – except their lefty government and the French-speaking province (American support is just over 50% in the remaining parts of Canada).
    Russians will take a generation to become America’s’ friends (or allies), so ignore their words and deal with their actions. The Chinese! We should ensure the balance of trade is NOT billions of dollars in their favor. The Germans can be phase 2. But the French, they should feel the consequences of their actions.
    Remember, Bush’s “you are with us or against us?” They are clearly against us. Now, what does Bush intend to do about it? That is the questions.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Exactly why do we need to make up with our good allies the French, Germans, Russians and Canadians? Let them make amends. Let them demonstrate they are worthy of trust. Its time for the US to speak softly and carry a really BIG stick.
    If they don’t like it what are they going to do, embargo brie?

  • Theresa

    Let the french, germans, chinese, and russians piss up a rope. They are solely responsible for the demise of their beloved united nations. They remind me of a small dog, making a lot of noise, but in the end, capitulating to the big dog. Mr. Bush needs to remember his own words regarding this war. None of the four should benefit in anyway from the reconstruction of Iraq. To allow them to do so besmirches the troops and innocent civilians who have died in this conflict. No agreements made with the Butcher of Baghdad should be honored. Those ass clown russians and french VIOLATED the very agreements made by their beloved united nations. Screw them. If the US government does business as usual after the dust settles, it will reflect in the polls. God Bless America, our troops, and Mr. Bush.

  • Beer Bloke

    What can I say …
    Out on the patio we’d sit
    And the humidity we’d breathe
    We’d watch the lightning crack over cane fields
    Laugh and think that this is Australia.

    From the song ‘Sounds of Then (This is Australia)’ – by (with thanks) ‘Gangajang’!