Who rules Iraq next?

Who rules Iraq next?
: It’s not looking like the U.N. They don’t want us to rule. But we don’t want them to rule. And you’re seeing trial balloons floating here and there.

The Dutch prime minister says there are Iraqis who can take control.

I don’t think the United Nations will take over. Iraq is no Kosovo. It should be governed by the Iraqis themselves: Iraqis that are in Iraq and are on the good side and Iraqi opposition leaders who are outside the country at the moment. So, it’s not the UN, like in Kosovo, completely lock, stock and barrel taken over Iraq.

And yesterday, Rumsfeld and the Pentagon started talking about installing an interim government of Iraqis in southern Iraq, even now, even before Saddam’s dead DNA is displayed for the world to see.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has proposed to President Bush that an interim Iraqi authority composed of exile leaders be quickly installed in the southern part of the country now largely under U.S. control.

In memos distributed this week to Bush’s war cabinet, Rumsfeld suggested that the declaration of an interim governing authority would deflect international criticism that the United States plans to exert sole control over Iraq for an indefinite period.

Note again: That’s Iraqis (U.S.-backed Iraqis) in charge, not the U.N.

Powell in Europe just listened to the the Europeans; he promised nothing about U.N. control

The U.N. just showed itself to be too unreliable, too out-of-control. What goes around, comes around.