: A suicide bomber kills our soldiers — and the pregnant woman he brought to his death.


This is what we’re dealing with her: homicidal maniacs, evil f’s, devils.

: And from the Guardian, there is this front-line report in Baghdad of Iraqi soldiers using civilians as shields:

Then Sgt Ivings spotted another group of fighters. “He’s got a weapon, oh … there’s civilians in the way, he’s using these people as shields,” he said. He did not fire.

  • seems the iraq folks learned this from the palestinians
    here’s how it works
    you hide behind a bunch of civilians
    you use women and children as human bombs
    then when your women, children and civilians
    get killed
    you call the israelis murderers
    and get world support
    has worked like a charm for the palestinians
    so iraq’s trying it out too
    my question is
    if you hide behind civilians
    masquerade as civilians
    and use women and children to carry bombs
    that who is the murderer here?
    if it looks like a duck
    quacks like a duck
    it’s a murderous cowardly
    stinking duck!