Inside Blair

Inside Blair
: Tony Blair has become an American hero. He is the reverse Clinton (Europe loved him more than America while America loves Blair more than Europe).

The Washington Post today looks for the inner Blair and finds an interesting view of the man and his vision:

“We are all internationalists now,” Blair declared, “whether we like it or not.” …

Interviews with two members of Blair’s cabinet, senior lawmakers and analysts indicate that the roots of Blair’s views run much deeper than politics and have much to do with his background, his religious beliefs and his identity as a social democrat.

“There’s a consistent thread running through all of his statements, and that’s his firm belief in the need to restore and strengthen international institutions,” said Peter Hain, a cabinet secretary. “It’s passionately held, and it’s exactly the same message that he delivers whether in Washington or Brussels or London.” …

Unlike Bush, Blair holds Christian beliefs from the socially liberal wing of the church….

“It’s a very secular and ecumenical type of religion,” Rentoul said. “The values of his religion are the same as his policies: that people should be nice to others. It’s not a doctrinal religion, just as he doesn’t do doctrinal politics. It’s not Calvinist.” ..