Salam Pax update

Salam Pax update
: Aussie blogger John Quiggan reports:

A colleague has emailed me to say that, according to Al Jazeera, salam pax is wounded in hospital. He seems to be in the city of Najaf. The doctor said that he was on his computer when his house was hit by a bomb.

Third-hand without real attribution. Like everything about the Baghdad blogger, take with salt.

  • I don’t buy the report. He hasn’t updated his blog for a while, he lives in Baghdad, not Najaf, and phone(and probably internet) access has been gone for at least a few days.

  • Salam Pax posted a pic of the building housing his server. Images of it after a bombing raid have been posted elsewhere. I believe we can safely assume internet access is down.

  • Seems HIGHLY unlikely; Salam’s home is in Baghdad; he would not have gone to the trouble to organize the whole place as a refuge for most of his maternal relatives and then headed out to somewhere else! Sounds more like someone trying to horn in for publicity for himself.

  • Tim

    Salam Pax is a facade created by some kind of pro-Iraqi anti-Saddam person to put out some kind of spin on the whole Iraq situation.
    There is next to no evidence this person is actually where they claim to be or who they claim to be.