Loose lips sink hopes

Loose lips sink hopes
: So we waited for an hour for Centcom to give a mid-night briefing and it came in once sentence that was already leaked: a POW was rescued. Bravo.

But I imagine the families of all the missing and POWs watching TV tonight, praying, praying, let it me ours.

There shouldn’t have been a leak. It was almost cruel. But this is what live 24/7 is like. All sides need to get used to that.

: But God bless Pfc. Jessica Lynch, the freed POW. She’s just 19.

  • americanstreet

    If you saw the build up on FOX you would have thought it was the announcement equivalent of the surrender of Germany in ’45. That FOX knew before hand it was a story (as much as it is good news) on somewhat a smaller scale it makes them out to be rather asinine. To me it highlighted the pathetic performance of the media all around on this war.

  • Good to see that Ms Lynch got out of that prison hospital. I suport the troops and hope they win this quick but I do not support the Chickenhawk Republicans who concocted this war to get Bush elected in 2004. With a failing economy and two destroyed towers that Bush provoked over a failed oil deal in Afghanistan with the Taliban and a poor economy, Bush needed to provoke this war just like he provoked the 9-11 attacks with his secret war threat against the Taliban before 9-11-2001