Flag tug-of-war

Flag tug-of-war
: The Guardian says the peace movement in the U.S. is trying to paint itself red-white-and-blue.

Haunted by accusations of anti-Americanism from the Vietnam era, and under pressure from a growing atmosphere of intolerance towards protesters, one anti-war group has unveiled a huge billboard with the message “Peace is Patriotic” against the image of an unfurling Stars and Stripes.

  • set

    Just because they are using American means, doesn’t mean they have American values.

  • Peter W. Davis

    This effort shall fail, they can never be seen as a patriotic opposition until they actively distance themselves from those who call for a million Mogadishus and carry signs that say ‘we support the troops when they shoot their officers.
    Until and unless they run those radicals out of their movement as the Republicans ran David Duke out of the Party they will be seen as who they appear to be, Americans who hate America.

  • Tim

    Yep. Peace is patriotic. The peace that follows a victory that secures our liberties and security is patriotic. Peace that follows defeat could be patriotic – but not for us.

  • See this, this, and this.

  • Gary

    Intolerance? Can

  • Sgt. Freiwilliger

    Excuse me, but at which point in American history has peace. . . especially the peace of appeasement, been patriotic? The Revolutionary War? The Forefathers tried reason. The Civil War? Discourse began during the Constitutional debates and only pure, naked force decided the issue. World Wars? At what point would peace at all costs — which is really what is being argued — have been patriotic?
    People forget too easily that freedom, as we define it in America, was won not by morality or persuasion, but by bayonet and cannonball. And so with every move upward toward “civilization.” If you forget this, you are doomed to devolution into becoming a sheep in a despotic regime.

  • I say it depends on who flies the flag and why. If Republicans fly the flag while conducting their war on the unemployed, police and fire and other union members, poor, disabled, elderly and veterans of wars then I view Republican flag waving as desecration of the American Flag.

  • “In my view, Conservatives HATE America”
    Alot of conservatives hate America.
    These conservatives hate America to help the poor.
    These conservatives hate America to help the elderly.
    These conservatives hate America to help the disabled.
    These conservatives hate America to regulate business.
    These conservatives hate America to allow unions to represent workers.
    These conservatives hate America to keep the environment clean.
    These conservatives hate America to help African Americans avoid discrimination.
    These conservatives hate America to stay out of religious prayer in government.
    Yes these conservatives hate America.
    These conservatives hate Americans who dissent from this unelected administrations policies.
    These conservatives should themselves go to Iraq
    where they will have no dissent to deal with.

  • One more notion:
    I don’t blame America first. I blame Republicans first.

  • Gopher

    “Peace Is Patriotic?” Saying a thing does not make it so.

  • Stock

    Just goes to show how far the radicals have utterly destoryed the US peace movement with recycled 60’s, except this time with much rhetoric with few fact to back the rhetoric up. It’s too late, the American people have been “vacinated” against this Marxist dribble.
    A word of advice: next time don’t the conspiracy theorists, so called peace activists that have adopted the rhetoric of the Ayran Nation be allowed to forumlate the message because it will once again destroy the movement.

  • kwela

    In other wors republicans hate socialism…so do most americans.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    The peace movement is led by communists, is populated with idiots, and just because it says something doesn’t make it so. I didn’t see these idiots demonstrate against the Vietnamese re-education camps, aid the boat people, protest against the killings of the Cambodians.
    They are pathetic failures who are filled with self loathing and hatred for the USA.
    A good example is bucfush who can’t write an intelligent sentence nor make a coherent argument. He’s a walking anti-war symbol, a herpes virius.