It’s not just us

It’s not just us
: The anti-you-name-it French have gone after the British, vandalizing a British war memorial in France.

The words “Rosbifs [British] go home! Saddam Hussein will win and spill your blood” were painted in French over the base of the cemetery’s main monument – an obelisk topped by a cross.

On one side was a swastika and the words “death to the Yankees”.

Also daubed were the words “dig up your garbage, it is fouling our soil,” and “Bush, Blair to the TPI (International Court of Justice)”.

Some 11,000 British dead are buried at Etaples, which lies on the Channel coast around 24 kilometres south of Boulogne.

Let’s remember that they are buried there because they lost their lives defending France. Well, we remember that. The French are having trouble remembering that.