It’s not just us

It’s not just us
: The anti-you-name-it French have gone after the British, vandalizing a British war memorial in France.

The words “Rosbifs [British] go home! Saddam Hussein will win and spill your blood” were painted in French over the base of the cemetery’s main monument – an obelisk topped by a cross.

On one side was a swastika and the words “death to the Yankees”.

Also daubed were the words “dig up your garbage, it is fouling our soil,” and “Bush, Blair to the TPI (International Court of Justice)”.

Some 11,000 British dead are buried at Etaples, which lies on the Channel coast around 24 kilometres south of Boulogne.

Let’s remember that they are buried there because they lost their lives defending France. Well, we remember that. The French are having trouble remembering that.

  • At the risk of stating the obvious (just in case people read your post without following the link)the article begins with the word Vandals goes on to say that “we[the war graves commission] are pretty hacked off and I am pleased to say the French authorities are too.
    There are complete idiots on both the left and the right as far as this issue goes and neither can claim purity of thought or deed.
    I guess you have trouble remembering that.

  • Danjo

    Man, this is so sad. I can not understand this in a million years.
    Spirits of the warriors, rest in peace. You are not forgotten by the real men and women of the free world.
    I agree, stageleft. This is vandalism, not the act of sane people. Not even graffitti, which is occasionally witty and funny.

  • Pete Strasser

    Is there a fund set up to remove our war dead from the land of the ungreatful and repatriate them to where they belong? I am ready to get a second job and work until every last man is back where he belongs. Pete

  • Commentator

    This should come as no surprise, as some 50% of French students do not know what the Holocaust was.

  • i can’t believe that you’re not able to see the difference between stupid vandals and “the french”. so i guess you could see it, if you wanted. it’s really sad to see nations i admire being catapulted back to the 19th century – the high time of nationalism…

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Its sad to see people defend these vandals. They have committed a crime that is beyond comprehension. The French will probably do nothing. It is a lesson to the West what the French are. And to you who do not believe that the French bear responsibility for this act, why don’t they since they strong armed the Turks into denying US forces entry into Turkey.
    First Baghdad, then Paris.

  • i didn’t defend those idiots’ behaviour. and it’s definitely wrong to say, french authorities did nothing in that case. it was a crime under french law, and whoever committed it will be prosecuted. don’t let those nationalistic tendencies fool you.
    on the other hand i don’t understand why it’s so hard to accept that independent nations decide independently? if someone (e.g. the french or german governement) opposes the white house’s stupid decisions that doesn’t mean they’ve got something against america. if you can’t see that, i feel deeply sorry for you. after all, there was an overwhelming solidarity with the american people after this horrible day of 9/11 – the german chancellor even risked being thrown out of his position, when he supported the us actions in afghanistan. it was your president who managed to turn strong sympathy into deep distrust by acting like some kindergarten cowboy. he even managed – as thomas friedman once expressed it – to lose a popularity contest against one of the worst leaders in the world, saddam hussein. the world isn’t opposing america. actually, most of us admire this nation. in fact, i do admire them. we’re opposing the policy of the bush administration. you should already have noticed that.
    best regards,