The world’s watching

The world’s watching
: British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw acknowledges that all the live coverage of this war could have an impact on the tactics:

“If there’d been live television coverage of the action on the Somme, I doubt whether it would have continued with that sort of carnage over the weeks or months,” Mr Straw said.

  • Jabba the Tutt

    This would’ve been a good thing. World War I was the greatest catastrophe to have hit Western Civilization. Stopping that war in the summer of 1914 would’ve have been a blessing. No Russian Revolution just for starters.

  • Actually, the Guardian has fulltext of his speech, and this quote doesn’t show up.
    What he seems to have meant is that broadcasting the carnage of the Somme might’ve destroyed the “Dunkirk spirit” that bouyed Britain up in the face of crushing German victories. So, if the TV lords would’ve had their way, we’d all be speaking German. in 1919. And there’d be no..Hitler.. and… this is confusing. My head hurts.