Michael Moore thin? April fool’s!

Michael Moore thin? April fool’s!
: My favorite headline in the latest issue of The Lemon: “Michael Moore rules out using hunger strike to protest war.”

: More late-breaking humor: IT&W reports that Saddam Hussein has a weblog. “NBC has fired Peter Arnett for his comments on Iraqi TV. What a shame…. Petey and I are good friends. He came by the bunker just last week…. He’s applying for a job at Al-Jazeera. I’m writing his letter of recommendation.”

: So does Kim Jong Il.

  • larry

    i think fireing peter arrnett was a right thing to do ,you dont suppress the country that you are reporting news too ,to impress the enemy no matter what the subject .To release information about what you think others want to hear at a time of dispare is negetive no matter what the subject and if hes trying to impress the iraqi’s by doing so to be seen on their television maybe we should take away his visa and let him stay there to live under saddam laws