: I’m listening to Today this morning and here Katie say, Oh, war protestors outside our window.

The “die-in” had begun.

WSNBC has a story and video. Tiny crowd or mere irritants.

Hundreds of chanting anti-war protesters lined Fifth Avenue on Thursday and dozens rushed into the street and lay down at the beginning of a series of civil disobedience actions planned for throughout the day….

Anti-war groups had called for a day of widespread civil disobedience, including blocking busy intersections and a “die-in” to protest media and corporate “profiteering from the war.”

As helicopters hovered overhead, the protesters — chanting “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Bush’s war has to go” and “Peace Now!” — jammed police pens along Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th streets, near St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Sak’s Fifth Avenue store.

  • Glenn Frazier has an EXCELLENT suggestion at the very bottom of his post:
    Wouldn’t hurt to publicize that little item.

  • >>”Nothing else gets attention,” Fordham University student Johannah Westmacott said as she jotted down officers’ badge numbers Thursday morning. “It’s not news when people voice their opinions.”

  • RC

    So the DC snipers were just anticipating a “die-in”–only for real? They were Muslims, right? And people were dying, right?