Confessions of a war blogger

Confessions of a war blogger
: I wrote a story for the Star-Ledger about war blogging to try to explain the phenom and how it’s done. The story is here; a list of links is here.

I am a warblogger.

If that sounds like the confession of an addiction, it is. For since war in Iraq began, I have been compulsively reading

  • congrats jeff
    thats great
    great article
    the star ledger
    man that brings back memories of my childhood
    it was the star ledger
    and the asbury park press
    keep it up

  • ehh

    So how come doesn’t have your list of links, uh, actually LINKED??

  • I’ll link them on my site. More than you want to know but the newspaper feed is an automated feed of text and we don’t tend to touch that text on this side because we have a tiny and busy staff. Sorry.