Dumb celebrity quotes, chapter 387

Dumb celebrity quotes, chapter 387
: My colleague Peter Hauck points me to a Sheryl Crow essay against the war in which various idiocies ensue. But that’s not what’s most interesting; there are a lot of celebrities idiocies these days. What’s fascinating is that after her essay got some attention online, it disappeared from her site. Ah, but thanks to the wonders of Google, there’s a cache of it.

In her essay — entitled “Sheryl’s Humble Opinion and Search for The Truth” — she says:

I consider myself a citizen of the world as well as a proud American. I love my country and all it has to offer. I believe in the pathos it was founded on…the right to express what one feels without loss of freedom, the right to worship, the right to vote, the right to bear arms in a respectful manner, etc. I am not un-American in my stance but simply exercising my right to free speech. Because I am in the public eye, I receive more attention than perhaps the average antiwar activist.

Pathos? Pathos? Somebody take away her word-of-the-day calendar!

She also quotes a “great writer at the New York Times by the name of Daniel Friedman.” That’s Thomas Friedman.

And here’s the kicker, her war=oil conspiracy theory and what you can do about it:

I would challenge all those who support this war, which is over

three-fourths of this country, to trade in your gas guzzlers and buy a small car or a hybrid or at least a more economical car, that way we ensure that we are never reliant on overseas oil supplies. That is the least we can do to support our soldiers who are fighting on our behalf for the freedoms we enjoy. I own a hybrid and although it is not the fanciest, most powerful car, it gets us around. I am currently selling my BMW SUV.

And buy, what, a Mini?

And then she goes on about the criticism she got for performing for our troops in Bosnia. But, Sheryl, wasn’t that a case where we used forced to enforce freedom?

Read this thing and welcome to the mind of a celebrity. Bring a compass or you’ll never find your way out.

: Speaking of dippie stars, Page Six does us the service of listing celebrities you may want to avoid: that Dixie chick… Tim Robbins… Sean Penn… Susan Sarandon… Fred Durst… Alfre Woodard… and my new favorite, Janeanne Garofalo.