: One more story from yesterday’s entertaining The Week event:

I was sitting, at random, next to two people who happened to know Tina Brown. She came over to say hello to them. Verbal hugs and virtual kisses. They just loved each other. One of them talked about his upcoming book. Brown talked about her upcoming TV show on CNBC (and how she’s not sure she should do the Oscars if we have a war on… and besides, she said, this is Harvey’s year). I tried to be polite and interested and join in the conversation, which is what you do where I was raised, and so I tried to ask a simple question: When is the show starting? I am ignored. Poof: I am not there. She looks at me. She does not see me. I mutter to myself, I started a magazine, too, honey, and mine is alive and profitable. But I remind myself that this is what New York Events are like (and, hey, if you’re going to get dissed by someone, it’s much better to be dissed by Brown than Alterman). I turn to my shrimp and keep listening.

So these three good buddies keep talking about all their media wonderfulness and then Tina departs to keep working the room. More verbal hugs and virtual kisses.

As soon as she’s out of earshot, one of my tablemates says:

She’s looking older.

Yeah, says the other, she has aged — in just the last six months, huh?

Yes. How old is she? asks one?

Fifty? asks the other (italics theirs).

There then follows a dissection of her wrinkles.

This in a room that looks as if a cluster bomb had gone off shooting Botox in every direction. (Next to me was a table filled with Republican dames with names you’d know, every one of them with skin stretched like the business end of my Indian Guides tom-tom.)

Actually, I thought Tina looked fine.

But then I reminded myself: Yes, this is a New York Event. After the verbal hugs and virtual kisses come the quiet claws.

: Editor & Publisher covered the event. No Tina mention.

: By the way, Instapundit said Alterman dissed me (see yesterday’s post, below). But the truth is that I was commenting on me more than him. It was the first time I introduced myself as a “blogger” and I have to admit it does sound funny. Like “trekker.”