: Glenn Reynolds writes a funny Tech Central Station column mocking the marketing geniuses behind the attempt to use weblogs to market a new milkesque drink, Raging Cow.

Now you could argue that this nitwitted idea has actually paid off — if you’re a member of the say-anything-just-spell-the-URL-right school of PR — since lots of webloggers are talking about the thing.

But the truth is, it’s just a nitwitted marketing idea. I’ve been around media long enough to witness (and, unfortunately, pay for) lots of them. Somebody came up with this at a brainstorming meeting and nobody else had the good sense to hoot it down then. As Nick Denton once said to me: “We can’t afford brainstorming anymore.”

Now, in fact, if marketers want to tap into the (pardon me) buzz machine that weblogs are, all they have to do is treat them with the same (grudging) respect with which they treat pro media and pro journalists: Send 100 webloggers a free sample of the goo (and a goofy T-shirt for good measure) and they’ll be flattered that somebody cares what they think. Why, some of them will even dare to try it. Hell, some might even like it!

Same suggestion goes for a politician: Call a weblogger to dish your spin directly; attention will be paid. Ditto entertainment: BlogCritics lives for CDs. Ditto technology: Have some webloggers try out your beta.

Or here’s another suggestion: Buy some ads on weblogs. You won’t find a cheaper CPM anywhere! And just the act of buying a real ad on a weblog will get people to talking about your product (if you’re first on the block to try this trick).

That is how to generate buzz on blogs.