Technorati wish

Technorati wish
: I love my Technorati link cosmos and use it daily to find out who’s linking to me and what they say. I also use the Technorati Top 100 but I have one wish:

They should filter out the obvious business links all blogs make — to Blogger, Movable Type, Geocities, Google, Userland, Popdex, and Technorati itself. What I care about is what real blogs by real people are saying and gaining heat and these utilitarian links take up too many slots in the top 100.

(Plus, I’d make that top 100 more often if they were evicted.)

: While I’m nitpicking…. I still think Daypop’s Word Bursts are quite cool; I love any new measuring cup for buzz.

But today’s bursts of alleged buzz are pretty funny.

It picks up legit buzz — e.g., on “Libeskind.”

But it also picks up mere coincidences or word usage: “WABI” as a radio-station call and a religious sect; “demeaning,” “confusingly,” and “beaver” (don’t ask). These will probably be filtered out as Technorati searches more and more blogs and the more unusual words (and proper names) stand out.

Still, just as Google News sometimes needs real editors to know what’s newsworthy so does the world still need real hacks from People or the NY Post or Gawker to discern the real buzz in the cultural cosmos. Whew.