Bennett vs. the world

Bennett vs. the world
: And I’m siding with Bennett.

Joi Ito gets surprisingly pissy about Bennett just because he doesn’t happen to think that Ito’s Emergent Democracy essay is brilliant. A [former] denizen of the Well defends Ito against Bennett. And Ito “turns on the Bennett filter.”

Hey, opinions are exactly what make democracy great. Opinions are precisely what emerge from a democracy.

And Bennett has strong opinions, strongly stated. That’s why I like him. Don’t always agree. Don’t have to. Still like him. Like I like French cheese.

Like I said, he has very strong opinions. Take today’s on the death of Mister Rogers:

Thank God. Now we can raise a generation of children who don’t believe each and every one is “special” even if they never do anything special. Fred Rogers’ legacy is narcissism, nothing more and nothing less.

Harsh, yes. But wrong?

I also like Bennett because he takes on The Well for being a bunch of Marin-geek-snots. I never liked The Well or their cooler-than-thou attitude. The Well isn’t community. It’s gated community. And Bennett and I are not alone in this opinion. Read the almost-as-testy Textism on The Well — on the real reason that Salon deserves to die:

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