President Hillary Clinton: The great

President Hillary Clinton
: The great thing about the right-wing demonizing Bill Clinton is that they only ended up beatifying his Mrs., Hillary Clinton — or at least making her sympathic and human. They set her up for her Senate victory. They set her up for her run for the White House.

Laugh if you will. Ignore it if you try. But the Hillary bandwagon is starting to roll.

A week ago, she topped a Time/CNN poll of possible Democratic candidates for the presidency.

And now a Gallup poll says she is the most admired woman in America (edging Mrs. Bush and Ms. Winfrey).

Sure, some people hate her. But they’re going to hate her no matter what — and their hatred only endears her to Democrats.

But plenty admire her, clearly. Many sympathize with her. And many actually agree with her (every damned time they have to deal with idiotic, wasteful, even deadly practices by insurance companies and doctors).

Could it be Condi Rice vs. Hillary Clinton in ’04 or ’08?