More VLOGS!: Just what you’ve

: Just what you’ve been hankering for: two more VLOGs (video weblogs).

One counts down year-end media cliches.

The other examines the fading fortunes of fast food.

Both of them are up at my screenblast showcase:

By putting them there, instead of on my server, I don’t have to worry about bandwidth constipation. So go ahead, Instapundit, link away: You can’t bring me down now!

I’ll post more about them — and complete transcripts — along with a summing up of where I am after my first five VLOGs tomorrow….

  • VLOGS – brilliant! I’ve been toying with this idea myself but in a more esoteric fashion. Most recently, “Voltron News” from the future meant to creepily comment on the world of today, and just goofy junk like a mock press conference on election nite. i’ve been thinking about the idea of just having a camera with me every day though, and blogging thoughts together perhaps into a weekly vlog. it’s so easy now, the possibilites are endless.

  • janek

    Your vlog’s crack me up. Oh I wish I were more of techno wizard. This could be a way cool teaching tool. Keep on vlogging! j