Six feet over: Been spending

Six feet over
: Been spending too much time (any time is too much) in a funeral home this week.

While biding (notice I did not say killing) some time, a funeral director took me into another room to show off his rental cremation casket. Here’s how it works: You rent the casket but don’t see that under the padding and lace, there’s a cardboard box and at the foot-end of the casket are hooks and hinges that let you just flip it down so you can push the box out. “You just push him out,” the man says, proudly.

I nod, appreciating the latest in business innovation.

And then I can’t help myself. I mention that renting used caskets was a plot point in Six Feet Under. Before I can ask the obvious if awkward question, the man answers: He loves the show. “I sit there giggling,” he confesses. He says it’s true, even educational.

My job is looking better, isn’t yours?