Evil in the name of

Evil in the name of God
: I got a letter today from the National Council of Churches calling on me to call on the the government to exercise restraint regarding Iraq. Now I have no problem with that in and of itself. During the Vietnam war, I thought churches should have been stronger voices for peace; if a church does not speak for peace, who will?

But I do have a problem with churches not condemning terrorism committed in the name of Islam — evil committed in the name of God. If churches do not condemn evil, who will?

I fear this is just the tip of an Islamically Correct movement we see growing before our eyes: It’s not nice to be mean to Muslims, even though it has been Muslims declaring war on the world. It’s not nice to expect Muslims to condemn terrorism done in their name — and to be suspicious of them if they do not.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I expect religious and political Islamic leaders to condemn terrorism and to do everything possible to stop it. If they do not, they are as bad as the terrorists.

But now this letter from the National Council of Churches (of Christ in the USA — the full title) inspires me to call on every religious organization to aggressively condemn terrorism — especially terrorism in the name of religion. I cannot find such a statement on the National Council site. I find them scolding Jerry Falwell for being mean to Muslims. I find them complaining about security’s threat to civil rights. I find them defending and trying to free Muslims held after 9.11.

I do not find them calling on their fellow people of God to stop the Islamic World War, to stop terrorism, to end this evil.

I’m not saying that churches favor terrorism, of course. I’m not saying that Muslims favor terrorism. I am saying that I expect more of them; I expect them to fight terrorism with their best weapon: God.

If churches do not condemn evil, who will?