I collect navel lint: I’m

I collect navel lint
: I’m watching the festivities at the AOL 8.0 launch “party” right now and they’re interviewing a lady who collects AOL disks. Takes all kinds.

: I watched the end of this segment as they gave her some special collector disks done by various artists. Only problem is, they come sealed in a tin so you can’t see which artist did yours until you open it up. Will you open it? the perky AOL faux interviewer asks the collector lady? Oh, no, says the lady, then they would lose their value. So the disk just sits in there like a mystery of the universe, uncracked.

: Paul Brisbin sends me this neat story about AOL-disk-obsessors.

: A colleague in my office said this is like collecting junk mail: “I have a very rare Ed McMahon….”

: I’ve been lazy lately and just put up links to vaguely interesting stuff. Haven’t had a great thought in ages. I’m feeling devalued… especially when I look at Nick Denton today. He’s one busy blogging beaver, boy.