Progress?: ABC News reports an

: ABC News reports an ex-Marine has been taken in after he was found with a white van and rifles. Fox News was told this is not related to the snipers. Fox also says they got a white truck. Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, New York Times behind on the story tonight.

: The Australian toll from the Bali terrorist attack is horrendous: 22 Australians dead, 110 injured, 220 missing.

: British fatality count up to 33.

: Tim Blair is, of course, on top of the story.

: Nick Denton says the terrorists are idiots to kill citizens of our allies, for that will only make it easier for them to fight alongside us.

: Even stupider: Indonesian radical fools blame us for the Bali bombing.

: The world tourism industry is already dreading doom thanks to the Bali explosions. It’s not as if Bali is a huge destination for Americans, but the impact will be felt everywhere.

: Mourning in Bali at lists the victims known so far and has a forum where people are asking about the fates of loved ones believed to have been vacationing there.

Taking credit
: An alleged expert on FoxNews just discounted the idea that the D.C. sniper(s) is/are terrorist(s) because no one has taken credit for the acts.

Uh, fella, bin Laden never actively took credit for 9.11 (only bragging about it on a tape). That is the new M.O. of terrorists: If you don’t take credit, then you can get credit for the acts of others — that is, people will assume that any plane crash, any explosion, any gunshot comes from you even if it doesn’t: free-ride terrorism.

In honor of Columbus Day
: A Sopranos’ backlash is brewing. Take the pulse in the Soprano’s forum:

Is this the Sopranos or “The Soap-ranos?” What the hell is going on here? God help me but I almost dozed off during last night’s episide. Who gives a flying @#$* about Carmela’s long term financial goals? Where the hell is Paulie and let’s give Bobby some friggin’ balls already! Why is AJ even on this show anyway? The show is turning into one of those two-panel comic strips where it takes six months to make a point. I hope Chase and Co. aren’t giving in to these phony Italian pride propogandists. I’m 100% Italian-American (Sicilian and damn proud of it!) and do not find this show offensive at all. Until now. Please bring back the fury it once had and let’s stop these mini-soap operas. Does anyone agree? Ciao.

Still love the show, but last night’s coming attractions were better than last night’s episode.