Never forgetting: I was just

Never forgetting
: I was just thinking this morning that though, of course, 9.11 comes to mind every day, many times a day, it’s no longer so much atop the mind.

And then we went to lunch.

At this little place in Stirling, NJ, where we sit out back and have bean burgers, the big backyard was filled with a private party. “A benefit,” the waiter explained, “for Flight 93.”

Friends and family of the stewardesses of United Flight 93, the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania.

Their brochure listing the donations they received to raise money said: “Last year, we learned to laugh again. And started a tradition. This year the tradition continues. So today laugh, dance and have a great time, but never forget the real reason we’re all here.”

Can’t forget. Can’t ever forget.

Times squared
: Lileks knows (and loves) my neighborhood — Times Square — better than I do.