The gang that couldn’t catch

The gang that couldn’t catch the gang that couldn’t shoot straight
: John Ashcroft called yesterday a defining day in America’s war against terrorism.

He wishes.

Let’s look at the scorecard:

: They put an idiot Marin-minded kid from California away for 20 years for being stupid enough to go to Afghanistan and stop bathing.

: They got an idiot kid from Britain who couldn’t blow up his own shoe to confess to being a damned fool.

: They arrested a bunch of losers in Buffalo for not quite doing something bad.

: They arrested a bunch of losers with outdated Commie names (October?) in Oregon and elsewhere for trying and failing to fly to Afghanistan.

: They arrested a guy who was probably stopped from being the 20th hijacker by the hijackers themselves because he was such an idiot.

: Note that not one of these arrests did anything to make us in America any safer; they did not get any cells like the ones that attacked us on Sept. 11.

: They haven’t managed to crack a clue in the anthrax attacks.

Oh, yes, it was a defining day: the definition of inadequacy.

: And they say bin Laden is still alive.

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