Go West, old men: The

Go West, old men
: The Chicago Tribune is considering starting a tabloid aimed at the “MTV generation” (an unfortunately condescending label but let’s get past that).

A decent if ironic idea. I used to work on a tabloid in Chicago owned by Tribune: Chicago Today, the paper that had no tomorrow. Tribune Company (never say “The Tribune Company”) folded the paper in 1974.

I have a different idea for Tribune: Start this tabloid in L.A. It’s a city that could use another paper (as opposed to Chicago, which already has another). It’s the entertainment capital of the world (these people make the stuff the MTV generation watches). Don’t do it out of your recently acquired LA Times; that would be a disaster and too expensive. Instead, find a couple of smart, eager, iconoclastic journalists to do it independently; fund the venture; add a dash of synergy (in terms of ad sales and distribution); enjoy the intramural competition; enjoy, too, the extended reach into the market.

Of course, I can nominate just the two guys for the job. You can see their work here. They already have a plan. Just set them loose.

: Note, too that this beats the hell out of former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan’s plan to start an L.A. version of the NY Observer, a very good paper that, nonetheless, loses money.

Life in verse
: Will Warren has a truly startling poem today about the malignancy that terrorism is and illustrating it with a cancer diagnosis in verse. Amazing. He concludes:

On that day we awoke, and this we know:

The man of malice poses the greatest threat.

If his way be clear, our doom, and his, are met.

Our best will block his way, and each will go

As a surgeon, not exchanging eye for eye:

Excising malignity, dispatching the lie.

True American heroine
: Eunice Stone.

: Miami.com now reports:

Federal sources involved in the investigation said they believe the three men – all U.S. citizens – were playing a stupid joke on another restaurant patron who gave them a suspicious look.

Not surprising. But Eunice still did the right thing and these three “jokers” will learn a lesson.

Terrorism is no joke.

What every man needs
: A lead-lined cup in his pants.

: A Microsoft researcher finds what is purported to be the first :-).

Disappointing: It wasn’t a punchline. It was a boring geek bulletin-board post proposing a new and open standard for irritatingly cute uses of punctuation. [via News.com]

: Tim Blair gives it to Salon as only he can.