Society of 9.11 Survivors: I

Society of 9.11 Survivors
: I wish someone — I wish I — had started a society of 9.11 survivors for one purpose: to thank the police and fire fighters and PATH and subway and World Trade Center workers who saved our lives, thousands and thousands of us.

I wish such a society existed for the anniversary so we could have gotten together to share our stories of that day and since and to share our gratitude and just to know that we’re not alone.

I wish I had not thought of this too late. Is it too late?

Take the point, blogger
: Matt Welch finds the blog of the times — by soldiers in Afghanistan.

Instapundit readers, take note
: The good idea to which the generous Mr. Reynolds links is below under the headline, “Go West, Old Men.” Welch and Layne link likewise, for obvious reasons. It’s about their L.A. paper.

Every picture is worth a thousand cheers
: From the arrest of terrorist scum in Pakistan. [via Focus]

: Details of the arrest from a Pakistani paper: There were three raids between Sept. 9 and 11 in Pakistan. In one, a grenade and gun battle ensued.

Sitting in a black sedan, four agents of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) watched intently as a posse of Pakistan military intelligence and police officials climbed a narrow staircase to enter a second floor apartment of a four-apartment building in Karachi’s posh residential district of Defence Society early morning on September 11….

“The Pakistani was such a motivated extremist that he inscribed Allah o’ Akbar with his blood on the wall before he died of bullet wounds on the chest and the neck,” according to a police official who confessed that the scene disturbed him emotionally….

Karachi police and other security officials suspect that the eight Yemenis arrested during the recent anti al-Qaeda crackdown may include the two Yemenis who are believed to have aided Khalid Sheikh in the killing and subsequent decapitation of [murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel] Pearl’s body.

What he says
: Reid Stott speaks the truth about Eunice Stone and the (young, male, Arab) bozos at Shoney’s who thought that terrorism is is a joke and that Americans are the butt of that joke.

: See also Donald Sensing, whom Reid quotes:

Listen up: If you are of Middle Eastern appearance and you talk or act in any way that makes me think you are a potential threat to my safety or that of my countrymen, be forewarned: I will profile your tail from here to Timbuktu. I will rat on you like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

: The Blue Man Group produces a beautiful September 11th memorial (which I just found via Bear): a video montage of the papers that fell on one neighborhood — far from the World Trade Center — on September 11, singed remainders and reminders of the lives there.

One life, one death
: I’m sure I was one of many bloggers to get email pointing us to a memorial site for one beautiful young woman named Shiri, one of too many victims of too many terrorist attacks in Israel. There are far too many Shiris.

Beats Graceland
: Via Die Zeit, a link to a phenomenal site mapping the tombs of the pharoahs, the Theban Mapping Project. Launch the atlas and don’t miss the 3D tomb.

Reason No. 4,786,547 why AT&T is a dead empire
: AT&T screws its cable modem customers. Big time.

: From one of my favorite blogs — Holy Weblog — comes a link to a parody of those obnoxious billboards that purport to speak for God (which is just as obnoxious as bumperstickers speaking for God; they’re just as stupid but they’re a lot bigger). At, here are alternative billboards:

– I never said, “Thou shalt not think.”