Other memories: There are some

Other memories
: There are some things my wife and I did not talk about, until now, until the anniversary. This is probably fault. I made Sept. 11 too much about me, about witnessing, about surviving. But you didn’t have to be in the shadow of the towers and in the cloud of their destruction to be affected.

A year ago, I called her after the first plane hit and left a message on the answering machine saying I was fine and I was staying to report on the attacks for the paper. That was about 9am. She didn’t hear from me until many hours later in the afternoon.

Now she tells me that when she picked up our daughter at nursery school a year ago, she told people that I was “missing.”

She wanted to go pick up our son at elementary school but didn’t because “I didn’t know what to tell him.”

I was missing.

I came back.

So many didn’t.

So many people. So many lives. So many memories. Tomorrow.

A second chance
: Rossi has good advice for tomorrow (at her brand new address, www.rossirant.com):

Feel this moment.

This moment is a gift.

This day is a miracle.

You are here.

You are alive.

You have a capacity to love that is so vast you could never reach its limits….

Some of you, may have relived that day a thousand times and told yourself all the things you would do differently if you could go back in time.

Maybe you would have tried to help.

Maybe you would have been kinder to the people around you.

Maybe you would have remembered to tell the person lying next to you that you love them.

Well it