Wednesday: I dread the anniversary,

: I dread the anniversary, yet I look forward to it, for then it will be over. Wednesday, I will leave home early to be in Manhattan by 8am as the bagpipers march to the World Trade Center and as the names of the dead are read. I will retrace my steps and stop to remember and be thankful. I will come home early to be with my kids when they get home from school. I will go to church by 8pm and deliver my sermon, light a candle, and read Kaddish for the dead of September 11. And then I will go to sleep, knowing this year that September 12th will be no different from the 11th or the 13th. That will be my day.

: RIchard Bennett delivers a cogent defense of California. Glenn Reynolds reminds of us two Californians who do get it — Ken Layne and Matt Welch, of course. Obviously, there are Californians of good sense; clearly my brush does not paint everyone. Can we pronounce “hyperbole”? I am making a point about a way of thinking. But you have to admit that there is a trend here. Scroll on.

: This page is No. 1 on Blogdex. Amazing what a little coast-bashing hyperbole can do.