The dog ate my email:

The dog ate my email
: Netscape just ate all my email. Anil Dash says he thought we’d already settled this; Netscape is evil. But I signed a pact with the old devil AOL/Netscape/Time/Warner/Turner/et/al and had my work and personal email in there and it just ate it. So if you sent me anything of note in the last two weeks, you would have to rely on my memory… and that’s not reliable.

Business not as normal
: One company’s plans to do no business the morning of September 11th, from Contentblog.

Killer ap
: Sprint gives us Doppler weather radar on phones. Now, finally, I start to see a need for those color screens.

Well, duh
: The FBI finally admits that the July 4 shooting at LAX may be terrorism, says the Forward.