Why I hate Sony: You

Why I hate Sony
: You haven’t seen much of me lately because I have been wasting my frigging time trying to get a new Sony laptop to work.

Piece of crap. I hate Sony.

It’s a beautiful new laptop. Sony knows how to make things look nice… but not how to work… certainly not how to support them. It’s the VX88: thin, light, big screen, built-in wireless network. Alleged built-in wireless network, I should say.

I opened it up, turned it on, and was impressed that the thing immediately found my Linksys router. But after two minutes, it lost the connection. I tried everything I know. Failure.

I called Sony.

“We don’t support networking, sir,” they said.

But you sell it, I said.

“But we don’t support it. It’s complicated.”

No shit. So what do you expect me to do?

“Contact your network administrator.”

You have to be frigging kidding, I say. Welcome to 2002, sir. You are selling wireless networking into homes. Homes don’t have network administrators. (Actually, I do have one, a 10-year-old network administrator, but he, too, was stumped.)

“This is why network administrators make a lot of money,” the man says.

I say, this is why I paid a lot of money to you.

I get nowhere.

Frigging Sony.

They don’t care that I’m going to return this piece of junk.

They don’t care that I have personally bought seven Vaio’s over the years and won’t buy another one. Ever.

They don’t care that I have gotten my company to buy many more and now will stop that from happening anymore. Ever.

They just don’t care.

This is why I hate Sony.

Mark my words: This is when you start to see the downfall of a company — when they don’t support what they sell, when they don’t care about their customers or their products, when they think brand beats service.

This is how I have been wasting my time.