Get well soon!: Some of

Get well soon!
: Some of my bookmarks got messed up and so I lost a few links and thus lost touch with a few online friends. I rediscovered the links just now and found, to my shock, that Daniel Taylor, the Dreaded Purple Monster, had a brain hemmorhage and he’s in the hospital. In July, Daniel had a heart attack but got out of the hospital quickly. His wife, Oreta, is giving us all good updates on his progress. Thinking of you, DPM.

A case of the pot calling the kettle metal
: I once was quoted in a book of quotations for saying that. Writing for People, I noted that Robin Leach did a show about tacky TV from Japan and I said that was a case of the pot calling the kettle metal. The editor of People at the time (later the editor of Time) tried to change “metal” to “black” and I screamed; he was making it into a cliche; I was twisting the cliche; I screamed louder; I won; I was quoted.


This is a case of the pot calling the kettle metal: The head of Fox complains about the morals of the Internet. Mind you, I like Fox; it is what it is and it is proud of that. So I don’t understand him standing higher and mightier than the Internet. Reality is reality.

A headline for the ages:
: Does God ever get pissed off?

: Anil Dash complains that Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs has become too single-minded in looking for Arab nasties. I half disagree. I do miss some of Charles’ other posts, but I admire what he has done here: He has turned a blog into a real resource, and an opinionated one at that. He has a drum and he uses his blog and the web to beat it. I admire that.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn admires what Charles has done and says so in print.

The first memorial
: The governors of NY and NJ want to rename Newark Airport Liberty International Airport in honor of the 9.11 victims. OK.

I can see why you would not want to name an airport, of all things, September 11th Memorial. But it is time when we should start naming things with the date, not some amorphous moniker vaguely meaning freedom and America.