Rudy’s next job: It’s obvious

Rudy’s next job: It’s obvious that as soon as he leaves New York’s City Hall, Rudolph Guliani should be the Attorney General. He needs to get in there and clean up the FBI and Justice Department (see yesterday’s post below on how they are endangering our lives). Rudy can do that. And he is a great prosecutor. Move the nominally effective political eccentric John Ashcroft over to another job where he can hold prayer breakfasts until lunch and let’s get a pro in the job! We need Rudy!

– Good piece on the Palestinian bind from Al-Ahram.

– Terrorists cased DisneyWorld, Disneyland, Sears Tower, Mall of America.

Debka: “Bin Laden and his fundamentalists regard the US media as the foremost propagators of the American way of life and a pillar of democratic US government. While possessing the computer technology for disrupting publication and broadcasts, Al Qaeda evidently rates biological warfare far more effective as a weapon of fear against American society.”

– Blogrolling: Thanks for nice links from Matt Welch, Dave, and Marc Brown.