Enraged: Our screw-up FBI and

Enraged: Our screw-up FBI and Justice Department are now not just messing with the big cases they screw up; they are messing with our lives. These idiots knew that there was an attack on the media in Florida and then in New York and they didn’t warn media companies. They said on Friday that the attack on NBC was not connected to the attack on American Media. Bull! Anthrax is the connection. Duh. Now add the fact that the letters to NBC and the NY Times came from Florida. Double duh. They said — in a press conference Friday with the knucklehead head of the New York FBI office — that they didn’t warn media companies because they didn’t know until today that the NBC case was anthrax. Don’t buy it. Why did the doctor treating Brokaw’s assistant just happen to prescribe the one antiobiotic associated with anthrax: Cithro? The NBC victim has been in treatment for more than 10 days and all that time, no other media companies, no other poor, underpaid schmucks in media mailrooms have been warned. Damn the FBI! They waste their time putting out nonspecific, panic-inducing, unhelpful warnings like last night’s “Skyfall” alert (below) but when they have a specific and helpful warning to give — i.e., that media companies are being targeted by the first attack of biochemical warfare in America — they don’t say a damned word. Stupid and dangerous, that’s our FBI and Justice Department. Am I being oversensitive because this is my industry? You bet your sweet ass I am!

Now read the New York Times account the morning after and it’s even more appalling: The FBI did not test anything until TWO WEEKS after they received reports of the NBC incident. They did not interview the victim. They did not notify the city. The only reason these idiots found out that this was anthrax was because the doctor was smart enough to be suspicious — even though being suspicious is supposed to be the FBI’s job. Frigging, dangerous idiots.

– Richard Gere says we should love terrorists out of sympathy for “the negativity of this karma.” He is such a frigging doofus.

– Trump wants a parachute.

Wimpy rap reporters.

– Good idea: Stun guns for pilots.