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And new champeen!

My son just sent me email that said only, “it happened.” passed Slashdot in Alexa (probably getting Alexa some new users along the way as well).

The crowd of futurists

Here’s a conference I wish I could attend: the prediction markets summit.

Smart mobs, swarms, information markets, crowd wisdom, communities, trade exchanges social networks and knowledge markets — all are getting a lot of popular attention today. Why? Because they are highly effective.

Top knowledge scientists, information market practitioners, business school professors, think tanks and prediction market tool providers are converging for a one-day Summit in San Francisco/Silicon Valley on Prediction Markets.

It’s not just about predictions, of course. It’s about the crowd’s ability to define relevance (see: Google) and taste (see: Flickr interestingness) and news ( and topics (

: There’s a company devoted to prediction markets.

Dear old Dewey

I brought David Weinberger in to meet some folks last week for a conversation about tagging and I was lucky enough to hear his spiel about the Dewey decimal system and the limitations we had when knowledge was trapped on paper. David just wrote about this for the Boston Globe:

The real challenge to traditional publishing today comes not from the digitizing of books, then, but from the very nature of the Web itself. Using metadata to assemble ideas and content from multiple sources, online readers become not passive recipients of bound ideas but active librarians, reviewers, anthologists, editors, commentators, even (re)publishers. Perhaps that’s what truly scares publishers and authors about Google Print.