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Wikis arrive

At Barcamp, Ross Mayfield shows off the way wikis are supposed to be: Wikiwyg. Give it a try. [via TechCrunch]

Drink me!

Iconoculture reports that an Italian label company has created a wine label with an rfid that transmits info about the wine.

I’d love that. I now go to a wonderful little wine store near me called Discover Wine that carries only a few dozen wines they know and taste. They have great notes on the wines but by the time I get home, I’ve forgotten it all. I suggested that their receipts should include the info; their system isn’t made for that. Come to think of it, their web site should carry the narrative. Or the bottles could do the job…

Wi-fi in every pot

Tom Friedman practically nominates Andrew Rasiej for President today as he extols Rasiej’s vision for a connected New York and assails federal officials for not making sure we keep up with the world in technology. Of course, Rasiej is running for New York City public advocate. But perhaps what he should really be running for is that vacant seat on the FCC.


Philip Torrone from Make is taking a Boeing junket to nowhere to show off wi-fi. He links to Flickr photos filed from the air.

Dave Winer reports that Chris Pirillo is a fellow traveler>/a>.