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The unstory

What’s most impressive about the nomination of John Roberts is how the White House made it into the unstory.

I don’t see the blogs going crazy. There isn’t much to say. Atrios very briefly had a moment’s hope that Roberts had a connection to Iran-Contra. Oops. Wrong John Roberts. Nevermind.

We’re not hearing scandals or scandalous opinions from the guy. We’re not hearing any particular protest that he’s the whitest white guy they could find.

The TV pundits and blathershows and the columnists aren’t using their scarce ink and airtime to probe every Roberts angle because there aren’t any.

As I mentioned below, Kos et al were already moving on — like the good political strategists they are — to figure out how to find victory in defeat. And they’re back to hammering the Rove story.

In an absolutely bizarre post today, PowerLine defends Roberts against gay gags (because he was once caught in plaid pants).

It is the unstory.

Nonetheless, Howard Kurtz’ Reliable Sources is talking about Roberts coverage and reaction on CNN this Sunday and I’ll be on. Gee, I hope they don’t think it’s going to be so quiet that they have to invite Bernie…..

The real John Roberts

Rex Hammock has all the dirt.

Supreme distraction

Howard Kurtz on the uber media strategy in the White House:

I happen to think the president is giving the other side an extra month to build a case against his nominee (if that’s what Democrats and liberals are inclined to do). But from the administration’s point of view, media chatter about Roberts is probably superior to media chatter about whether Rove should be fired.

: MEANWHILE… Over at Kos they’re trying to find the silver lining and that’s how to lose well….

Acbonin says that the filibuster and dragging out other nominations worked; that this is a victory.

Steve M adds in a comment to that post that the Democrats need to lose this battle well:

But there are good losses too, and this is the concept that many refuse to accept. You can lose in a way that makes people sympathize with the principle you fought for. You can lose in a way that sets the stage to make a compelling case later. If you send a clear message to the American people that “we oppose Roberts because X will happen if he is confirmed,” and then X does happen, now you have your campaign issue for 2008, 2012, and beyond. “Elect Democrats so we can roll back X and make sure it never happens again.”

And Kos chimes in:

I see in Roberts someone who can help Democrats draw clear battle lines for the American public. It’ll allow us to define who we are and who they are, and drive home the point that elections do matter, that there really is a difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.

Kiddie court

The most striking thing about John Roberts — so far — is how damned young he looks. To make their legal legacies last longer, presidents will be drafting justices the way they draft basketball players, out of high school. Better yet: Junior high, when they’re still virgins and haven’t inhaled and haven’t written anything embarrassing except for that poetry they had to do in English class.

The real John Roberts

Rex Hammock has all the dirt.