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Yes, much safer than hang-gliding in volcanoes

ABC News argues that being assigned to Iraq is not dangerous.

News is what you make it

Cory Bergman argues that Craigs List is a community news site.

It’s the ultimate citizen journalism site, and it beats traditional news sites in popularity in many cities — an important realization for local media to broaden the definition of news as we know it.

Yes, but I’m not sure that most people go there to share or find news.

Rest in print

Retired WABC anchor Bill Beutel just died and the station is going overboard with coverage: Huge chunks of all its shows yesterday and again today are devoted to tributes. I’m sorry he’s gone, but heads of state don’t get this treatment. Then again, I always said that the only true fringe benefit of working on newspapers is that they’ll run your obit. Now I have to wonder who’ll die first: me or the papers that would carry my obit.

Fire the dentist

It was his sweat that did in Richard Nixon. It’s going to be his teeth that do in Mark Warner. I found the cover picture of him in the NY Times mag quite creepy. Turns out it was manipulated. But I wouldn’t fire the photographer. I’d fire his dentist. Gawker has the perfect take on that.

Serf’s up

A channel island was the last feudal state in the Western world but is no more. Cool little story in a blog post.