It’s hard to figure out what was going through everybodies’ heads in the O.J. deal. I don’t want to be inside Simpson’s head, thank you very much. Murdoch seemed to be protecting his brand by killing the TV and book deals. Judith Regan is a damned smart publisher with a finger on the pulse but in this case, she seems to have gone into afib. I got calls from two reporters trying to suss out the players this evening. I told the second one:

I think the publishing industry is desperate. It’s showing in what they’re chosing to publish. Regan had not only the O.J. deal but also Jenna Jameson telling you how to make love like a porn star and how to make money like a porn star. And I thought Harry Potter was tacky. Meanwhile, Simon & Schuster’s Touchstone is

  • It’s clear Rupert’s gang made a huge miscalculation. They figured more people would be intrigued than outraged, tune in and turn the pages. But when Fox affiliates started dumping the interview, News Corp. bailed. They could take any inker, blogger or public moralist cursing their sins, but hitting their audience share was too much.

    I don’t buy Judith Regan’s rambling defense of the book: that it is closure and enlightment into the mind of a killer. Don’t make me laugh. What would O.J. teach us that we don’t already know about murderers in denial? And even if he claimed he would give the profits to his kids, he’s still profiting. This is a man who moved to Florida to keep the courts away from his pension — not exactly the manner of a repentant felon.

    News Corp. will still have to pay his advance, and some other media company could still take the book and interview out of turnaround. Maybe somebody will just leak it to the Internet and the curious can read this criminal’s anti-confession without having to fork over honorable money.

  • This is one of those eerily over the top events that make me wonder if some of the publicists working in the entertainment sphere have taken seriously accusations of the right wing and ‘our enemies’ that our culture is rotten to the core and devoid of authentic values. How could you mine this vein of total depravity? well, here’s you the thesis of vengeful murderous sexual rage. Primordial enough? Then start popping the popcorn. And get a trademark on those bobblehead dolls.


  • if so many people weren’t so obsessed with demonizing a man who was found not guilty none of this would be happening.

    glove didnt fit, fuhrman lied on the stand, there was all that missing blood, nicoles best friend was heavy into drugs and went to rehab the day after the killings, this wasnt the first stabbing by death of a waiter from mezaluna, the prosecution never brought up the slow car chase, oj has no reason to kill either of them, etc. but none of that matters to a percentage of people because some people dont want to think that drug crimes happen to pretty white women in brentwood.

    meanwhile an elderly white man plowed his buick through 80 people in santa monica killing 10, he asks the injured “if you saw me coming why didnt you get out of the way”, he doesnt go to court, doesnt go to the verdict (guilty), and doesnt go to the sentencing, and even though the judge says that he deserves prison doesnt give him any time in jail.

    and yet theres no uproar.

    so oj is declared not guilty of killing two people – total outrage; old white dude is declared guilty of killing ten people but spends no time in jail – no outrage

    people dont care about justice, all they care about is race

  • Well, Tony, some of us care very deeply about proper punctuation, grammar and spelling.

  • People in the TV industry are mourning the untimely death of John Higgins of Broadcasting & Cable.

    In a tribute (hat tip TV Newser) by a B&C colleague, John Eggerton noted that the last thing Higgins posted on B&C Beat before he died at age 45 was a criticism of News Corp for caving in to pressure on If I Did It.

    When someone as tough as Rupert Murdoch indulges in prior censorship (even on sleazy projects) then it makes it harder for those us who are less wealthy and less stubborn to stick to our guns (even on worthy projects).

    As for the argument that there should be an exception in this case because the content was so tasteless, the appropriate reply is that matters of taste never restrained any media coverage of the OJ circus in the past. Why start now?

    The TV industry needs watchdogs and champions, both. May Higgins rest in peace.