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Fifth wheel in charge

Or he could fly around for a few hours:

President Bush canceled plans to visit with emergency workers and officials in Texas, citing the storm’s shifting path and a desire not to impede preparations, but he still intended to monitor the storm’s progress from a military facility in Colorado instead of Washington.

The new grammar of crisis coverage, the Houston Chronicle’s site, is featuring the same tools to cover Rita that used covering Katrina as its delivery is also disrupted: a blog to cover the latest hurricane news; reports from citizens (arranged by Chron blogger Dwight Silverman, according to local blogger Tom Tyler, one of the stormwatchers); staff blogs. These elements are fast becoming standard in crisis coverage.

By the way: Since I visited Houston only a few weeks ago, they’ve been adding even more blogs and more links in them. Bravo.

A mess on a mess

Two levees in New Orleans broke thanks to Rita’s rainfall.

Education v. oil

Multiplementality reports that Georgia’s governor closed schools Monday and Tuesday to conserve gas, which this blogger and traffic reporter predicts will only cause panic and lines and wasted gas.

The FBI has no libido, but pornographers do have a heart

Jon Donley’s blog reports that Girls Gone Wild — the tapes demonstrating the breast-for-beads economy — is donating the proceeds of its New Orleans tape sales to the Katrina cause.