Fifth wheel in charge

Or he could fly around for a few hours:

President Bush canceled plans to visit with emergency workers and officials in Texas, citing the storm’s shifting path and a desire not to impede preparations, but he still intended to monitor the storm’s progress from a military facility in Colorado instead of Washington.

  • John

    Unless he was carrying a “Super Sized” gas can with him we really don’t need him down here now.

  • kat

    No need for Bush–Texans know that buses are for evacuating people and not for submerging in Nagin’s pool. You can bet Texans won’t be whining and blaming the Feds because they were too stupid to evacuate and then throw tantrums to cover their asses.
    A picture is worth a thousand words:

  • Chancy

    Texans may be “whining” after running out of gas and being stuck on highways high and dry ” due to no fault of their own. Give it a rest. Realize that Bush is not infallible and local officals do the best they can and so do those affected.
    Just hope that you are never in the “too stupid to evacuate mode” LOoks like YOU are the one throwing a tantrum cause Bush was AWOL at the beginning of Katrina. Get over it.

  • Anne

    The only reason he’s heading to Colorado is to avoid being at the White House during the big anti-war march in DC. He’s hoping to divert attention from Hurricane Cindy to Hurricane Rita.

  • The only reason he’s heading to Colorado is to avoid being at the White House during the big anti-war march in DC.

    That one with Cindy Sheehan and 30 people following her? Yeah, scary stuff.

    BTW, I find the whole concept of marching on Washington in the midst of more than one national emergency far more offensive and distracting than taking a few minutes out of your schedule to play guitar with a guest.

    Bush made the right call to veer off, and I’m afraid he might have only considered going in because of the irrational and thoughtless harping by the left that he should have raced right into New Orleans at the most inappropriate time as well.

  • The only reason he’s heading to Colorado is to be at NORTHCOM headquarters when they declare martial law. It’s true! I read it at DU.

  • penny

    The only reason he’s heading to Colorado is to avoid being at the White House during the big anti-war march in DC.

    Sorry, Anne, fate has it that Rita will kill from the front pages the “big” march. You know the “big” one like the Cindy Sheehan gig with 30 protestors and 100 journalists.

    Alas, nature doesn’t seem to be in sync with poorly planned protesting moonbats.

  • Sgt. Hulka

    Let’s compare the action anf=d leadership of Rick Perry of Tx. versus that of Gov. Edith Bunker of La., shall we? According to the types, our elected leaders should be standing in front of microphones weeping and sobbing.

  • Spare some sympathy for the victims, how ’bout it? Right now I’m hearing about a few hundred victims of Katrina who are having the hotel blown away around them in Beaumont.

  • Bush noted yesterday that it would be important for his entourage not to get in the way. It’s the same reason Air Force One made a flyover of N.O. and didn’t actually land. This reason was given in advance so it is not post-event spin.

    /non-Bush voter tired of the crap

  • Angelos

    “Another White House official involved in preparing Mr. Bush’s way noted that with the sun shining so brightly in San Antonio, the images of Mr. Bush from here might not have made it clear to viewers that he was dealing with an approaching storm.”

    Yes, it’s too sunny here for a photo-op. We need a grey backdrop.

    Sad really, that the choir that these criminals are preaching to is stupid enough to be confused by sun. Because really, these photo-ops are only still working for the core 35%. The rest of us just laugh or change the channel. So, what they’re really saying here is, “Let’s not confuse our weak-minded consituents. If they see a picture of Bush with a sunny blue sky, they might think the storm is over.”

    I know! They should get one of those big Hollywood wind-making fans, and have Bush pretending to be holding on to a tree as his jacket gets blown about. He can be just like Anderson Cooper!

  • John

    It’s a minor flap, but after Bush’s little crosstalk with David Gregory on Friday morning about the Texas trip, saying you’re going there without a full qualifying statement and then not going there shows how much on its heels the White House public relations machine has been thrown by the orignal FEMA problems following Kartina.

    Yes, Nagin doesn’t seem like he can walk and chew gum at the same time and Blanco probably has to consult with her political aides before she decides whether or not to breathe every morning, but for Bush, making a declaritive statement at a news conference and then doing the opposite five hours later can’t be considered anything but another political mis-step.

    On the other hand, the location where Rita came ashore will provide an interesting “compare and contrast” situation between how Blanco handles storm problems around Lake Charles and in western Louisiana with how Bush ally Rick Perry deals with the Beaumont-Port Arthur clean-up as Texas governor. Blanco needs to show she’s more than Gracie Allen in an elected office on this one, or more people will start to believe the Katrina problems were more state-inflicted than federally done.

  • Angelos

    Maybe this is why Bush seems even more pathetic and laughable than usual.

  • Ed Poinsett

    Stuck on stupid about Katrina. If Blanco/Nagin had gotten the evacuation completed ahead of the storm, and managed their end of the bargain, the FEMA response would have looked like clockwork. As it did in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and four big ones last year.

    Bush is right to stay away from Texas, all he needs to do can be done from a phone or video conference on AF1. Adults like Rick Perry don’t need him wandering around Texas with the baying, gotcha press looking under every rock trying to look informed and intelligent.

  • Bush, making a declaritive statement at a news conference and then doing the opposite five hours later can’t be considered anything but another political mis-step.

    …except that the decision to reverse that declarative statement is perfectly reasonable to sensible people. This is a “mis-step” only for people who don’t like Bush to begin with.

    For the people who put Bush in office, a “political mis-step” would be if his SCOTUS noms turn out to be closet liberals. Or if he were to concede to Dem demands to reverse course on sensible tax policy (his dad’s biggest goof). Basically, anything that would makes the left happy would be a Bush political misstep.

    He has, in fact, made such political missteps, but the left (including the press) isn’t qualified to recognize what those missteps really were, and isn’t qualified to say what would and wouldn’t be a political misstep for him now. It’s kind of like if Yassir Arafat was still around making declarative statements about Sharon’s political missteps with the Israelis — that’s how funny the press and the left are trying to pretend to be serious and credible Bush critics.

  • EverKarl

    The same people (media-types like David Gregory) who criticized Bush for staying on his vacation were the same ones suggesting Bush would just get in the way now.

    I’m shocked… shocked to find gambling going on in here!

    Excuse me, I’m off to pick up my winnings.

  • Anne

    “Sorry, Anne, fate has it that Rita will kill from the front
    pages the “big” march. You know the “big” one like the
    Cindy Sheehan gig with 30 protestors and 100 journalists. ”

    Hmmm, Penny, you must have been watching the pro-war counter-protesters when you arrived at that count.

  • owl 1

    As I said before there was a Rita, if we Texans had old people and babies trapped for days and we were sitting 70 miles up the road on top of hundreds of empty school buses……..well……..somebody would be held responsible, probably at the end of a shotgun. I am still waiting for a snot nosed David Gregory to ask Blanco, on camera, why she didn’t roll her Baton Rouge buses or let the water into NO. It was a deliberate State decision. Why? But a better question…..why is the media still trotting out the “Bush slow” line instead of asking Blanco WHY? She is out making snide “it’s their fault” remarks every day on camera. The media pats her on the head.

    Our local and state officials did not need Bush. A lot of people had a horrible experience on the road but that’s because too many thought they needed to leave. Millions and millions. MS, AL, FL and TX did not need Bush to hold their hand or be a fifth wheel in charge. BTW, did anyone see our Texan Rudys? Awesome!

  • Eileen

    Righto, Owl.

    Only Louisiana prevented it’s people from leaving NOLA and PREVENTED them from receiving *available*, *prepositioned* Red Cross and otherwise provided (FEMA, private sector, faith based, etc.) *on-site* food, water and other immediate forms of assistance. [Back to the ‘ole ‘I smell a BIG FAT RAT’, and have all along.] Blanco waited until the 31st (the 31st!) to ask for federal troops. Blanco waited until the 2nd (the 2nd!) to FURTHER DENY federal offers to manage the locally bungled, NON-evacuation……stating she needed 24 MORE hours to what, talk to a few more demo party puppeteers in Washington who saw the ‘perfect storm/opportunity’ to [try to] bring down Bush/the repubs/take back the country…and pin the tail on the donkey? Media seemed quite acquiescent/supportive from the gitgo and continues to be to the present. Wonder who was/is talking to whom, hmmm? The media demo diatribe continues on.

    I can’t wait for the hearings. Let’s subpeona Blanco’s emails, meeting notes, telephone message notations, her press secretary’s notations, aides’ memos, Red Cross documentation, FEMA records…. get her under oath and find out about the *great demo starveout*, flaunted and underwritten throughout by her brethren MSM dogs/lackies. And then let’s subpeona Nagin’s ‘stuff’, the LA state emergency management agency joke/fiasco ‘stuff’…and… Sigh.

    Let’s *do* talk about ‘graciousness’. Or sanitize and delete until…the subpeonas arrive anyway. The only grace in this affair has come from the White House.

    I cannot wait until the world is clued in on exactly who let those people dehydrate and die, and why.

    And Owl, yours isn’t just the Lone Star State. It is a state of many stars.

    [Side note. In future mass evacuations, we need fuel supply tankers, water, food and porta potty stations along the evacuation routes every, say, quarter mile. And ALL lanes should always be available in the direction of ‘safety’. I’d like to see more military transport and commercial planes utilized as long as practicable – although I understand because it was *requested* immediately, military planes were used to evacuate the ill and infirm. Other than that, the overall evacuation of *three million* in instantaneous order was quite well done.]

    Night Owl (been waitin’ for that one)/all.

  • Interesting prospect that the administration has a chance to pull a rabbit out of a hat, rather than the hat out of the rabbit trick they’ve achieved to date.

    And it seems that Hurricane Rita has wreaked havoc on LA again, hopefully the effort to recover will head that direction as well. In Houston, the main emergency seems to be a complete lack of gasoline – cars parked on streets are being relieved of the gas in their tanks.

  • Eileen

    Where are you, Ruth, in terms of location?

  • You’ve asked me that before, Eileen, and as before, since your intentions do not appear to be good, I decline to answer. Today I collected sharks’ teeth.

  • Eileen

    Actually Ruth, you assume the worst. For some reason I thought you were in Dallas. That would give you superior knowledge about the current status there. I was actually concerned for your well-being, as I was for Owl’s, and for everyone else in the affected regions.

    You remind me of one of my brothers, who is on the other side of the political isle from me. Recently he addressed me as ‘you people’ for citing an article related to local as opposed to (exclusively) federal missteps. I reminded him I am his sister regardless of our political differences. Actually my entire immediate and extended family are adamantly left wing. When they get into a gang banging mode I remove myself from their presence so they can continue their feeding frenzy (much like sharks do) without me.

    Why do lefties always assume their ideological opponents are their enemies? In any event, sharks swim in many oceans.. Have a nice Sunday wherever you may be.

  • Eileen

    Make that “aisle”.

  • Dallas was out of danger yesterday, but as we have been going around several years, we know you are aware you’re only disregarding the truth for the sake of others not ourselves. Your background which you assert is in the law, then in catering, seems rather interesting. As you know, I have been in the law, and have been involved in the balancing of budgets which are now being sold down the creek. sharks whose teeth are being collected are of course dead…

  • Eileen

    “As we have been going around for several years”? I’ve only been visiting this blog for one year. I recall you showing up about four months after I did. What truth is it you feel I’m disregarding? Your truth, your political suasion? I don’t disregard it, I simply don’t agree with it.

    My background *is* interesting; I’m sure yours is, too. What I’ve “asserted” about my life if factual. And I know you were ‘in the law’ but you don’t have a degree in it. Our original tangling involved – well, I’m sure we don’t need to rehash it. But who cares, really? I don’t. Virtually everyone we interract with has knowledge and expertise in areas we don’t. And that includes you and me vis a vis each other.

    Why can’t you understand that I had empathy for you as a human being regardless of our differences? My question regarding your whereabouts had nothing to do with anything other than that. I realize Dallas was out of danger yesterday. My concern, Ruth, is multi-layered and multi-faceted for people affected in all kinds of ways due to destruction in several states; it’s related my own affected family from NO, to the evacuees and those who have taken them in, their loved ones, their lost family members, animals, homes, livelihoods…

    Am I sorry for my (mistaken) emotion for you because I thought you were in the area? No.

    Am I sorry that I don’t see our budgets as being ‘sold down the creek’? No. Sure it’s going to be tough for some time to come, but all is not lost. We will persevere, learn lessons and move forward.

    Before those sharks died, Ruth, I doubt they were swimming in Utah. Might I have simply been suggesting you must live along a coast somewhere? As long as I know you’re not in Katrina/Ritaland, I’ll save my concerns for you for another day. How’s that?

    If you want to score points or focus on differences after this post, have at it. I’m going to salvage a good Sunday evening. Hope you will, too.

  • Aunt Ruthie has been posting on this blog since before the last presidential campaign. She doesn’t tend to stay up late at night and go for anyone’s jugular, so probably you didn’t notice.

  • Eileen

    “She doesn’t tend to stay up late at night and go for anyone’s jugular,”

    Maybe she lives in a different time zone than some of us? Who knows? She doesn’t say. As to the latter: thanks for my morning guffaw.

    So much for the ‘compassionate left’.