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Idol Critic: Sanjayanara!

Sanjaya’s gone and Liza’s shocked and disappointed and relieved. Watch to the very last punchline; I won’t ruin it for you; just watch.

And thanks for the reviews Idol Critic is getting. A sampling from the comments:
* MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the actual show.
* I LOVE this show…..I wish IDOL were on eveyday so we could hear what the IDOL CRITIC thinks.
* I LOVE this show. You’re wrap up is better than that “the Soup” Show on E!
* This is the best YET! I’d rather watch this than IDOL.
* Persky knocks it out of the park again…Brava!
* I agree with Joy and Wonder. I LOVE Idol Critic, but how am I going to get my Liza Persky fix when Idol is over?! She needs a spin-off.
* Give this woman a TV show, for God’s sake!!!
* Liza + snarky = FABULOUS!!!
* You all have totally renewed my interest in this dawg-awful tv show, which I now tune into for 90 minutes each week. I really think that without watching Idol Critic each week, I probably wouldn’t even remember that Idol is on their 15th season…not sure if I should thank you for that…

And from none other than Liz George, the Barista: “Liza Persky is my new best friend. OK, online anyway.”


Sorry I’m late but the latest IdolCritic is here. Enjoy!

39 Second Single on Today

After being preempted twice by Anna Nicole Smith, my friends at 39 Second Single are finally going to be on Weekend Today this morning; just saw the promo.

: LATER: Well, it’s sorta silly that they took a fun, entertaining show and turned it into a faux-serious trend story: women who date and blog. That’s morning TV for ya. But Liza Persky, the star, and Mary C. Matthews, the producer, come off great and my friends get publicity. So long as they spell the URL right!

(It was through 39 Second Single on Blip that I discovered this talented team and recruited them for IdolCritic.)

IdolCritic: The top 9 (+ Sanjaya)

The moment you wait for every week: The new Idol Critic is here.

Watch this!

Being on the road and bandwidth-challeneged, I didn’t get a chance to watch the latest Idol Critic. Just did. It’s great. If we do say so ourselves. This is Liza’s best. I won’t ruin any of the punchlines. Just watch.