Idol Critic: Sanjayanara!

Sanjaya’s gone and Liza’s shocked and disappointed and relieved. Watch to the very last punchline; I won’t ruin it for you; just watch.

And thanks for the reviews Idol Critic is getting. A sampling from the comments:
* MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the actual show.
* I LOVE this show…..I wish IDOL were on eveyday so we could hear what the IDOL CRITIC thinks.
* I LOVE this show. You’re wrap up is better than that “the Soup” Show on E!
* This is the best YET! I’d rather watch this than IDOL.
* Persky knocks it out of the park again…Brava!
* I agree with Joy and Wonder. I LOVE Idol Critic, but how am I going to get my Liza Persky fix when Idol is over?! She needs a spin-off.
* Give this woman a TV show, for God’s sake!!!
* Liza + snarky = FABULOUS!!!
* You all have totally renewed my interest in this dawg-awful tv show, which I now tune into for 90 minutes each week. I really think that without watching Idol Critic each week, I probably wouldn’t even remember that Idol is on their 15th season…not sure if I should thank you for that…

And from none other than Liz George, the Barista: “Liza Persky is my new best friend. OK, online anyway.”